St Hilda’s Community Services Centre Christmas High Tea
More than 20 cabbies gave free two-way trips for St Hilda’s Community Services Centre’s elderly for its Christmas High Tea at Qian Xi Restaurant on 4 December 2011.  

NorthLight Partner’s Award

CabbyCare was awarded the NorthLight Partner’s Award in NorthLight School on 3 November 2011.


Disabled People's Association Flag Day

CabbyCare members delivered donation tins to and from Disabled People’s Association’s office on their Flag Day on 8 October 2011.  

Cabbies Sent Groceries to Homes of Needy NorthLight School's Students

14 CabbyCare members helped 20 NorthLight School students to deliver groceries home as part of the Kindness-On-Wheels programme on 28 September 2011.  

CabbyCare Participates in the Yellow Ribbon Run

More than 40 CabbyCare members took time off on the morning of Sunday, 18 September 2011 , to participate in the six-km Yellow Ribbon Run.


National Library Board’s Friends of the Library Appreciation Ceremony

Close to 20 CabbyCare members attended National Library Board’s Friends of the Library Appreciation Ceremony held at Restoran Tepak Sireh restaurant on 16 September 2011.

Cabbies Sent Food Hampers to Braddell Heights and Serangoon Needy Residents 

Close to 50 CabbyCare members volunteered to send hampers to a total of 250 needy families staying in the Braddell Heights and Serangoon estates as part of the "Do Good Feel Good" campaign by the Braddell Heights Community Club. In all, the cabbies took about two hours to deliver the hampers. To thank their efforts, CabbyCare was presented with a token of appreciation on 11 September 2011.


CabbyCare's Family Day

CabbyCare members and their families had a blast during Family Day on 5 June 2011.

Launch of Kindness-On-Wheels

The "Kindness-On-Wheels" initiative was launched on 29 March 2011 to provide free emergency taxi services for NorthLight School students. CabbyCare cabbies will also double up as deliverymen to send students home for free when they receive groceries by the public. Click here to read more.



CabbyCare Celebrates the Lunar New Year Together

CabbyCare members turned out in full force for its annual Chinese New Year Lunch at Cheer Garden Restaurant on 19 February 2011. 

St Hilda’s Community Services Centre Chinese New Year Dinner

St Hilda’s Community Services Centre invited CabbyCare to its Chinese New Year Dinner celebration at Kampong Arang Civic Plaza on 12 February 2011.



Free Meals and Ang Baos for the Needy

During Chinese New Year, CabbyCare 

in addition to delivering free meals to about 40 needy and elderly residents staying in Geylang Bahru, the members also gave each of them a $20 ang bao and two mandarin oranges out of their own pockets to each elderly resident. 






Food From The Heart Thank You Reception

Food From The Heart organised a Thank You reception at OnePeople.Sg for CabbyCare on 21 January 2011.