21 December 2001
200 drivers supported the MiCab Project by celebrating Christmas with physically disabled students at the CityCab Staff Lounge.

7 December 2001
20 drivers supported Kampong Arang’s Christmas Party at Roland Restaurant.

18 November 2001
Participated in the CityCab Drivers' Appreciation Nite.

26 August 2001
Operated a game stall to raise funds at the Happy Happy Carnival held at Kampong Arang Riverside.

25 March 2001
40 drivers supported the Kampong Arang Karaoke Contest 2001. Cabbies Shirley Yap, Michael Tan and Raymond Mah charmed the audience with their melodious tunes.

3 February 2001
Conveyed 400 elderly residents from Kampong Arang to Neptune Restaurant to celebrate Chinese New Year.

6 January 2001
New Year Lunch for 120 elderly from the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society at Happy Restaurant. A total of $20,000 in donation was presented to the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society, Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Yayasan Mendaki and the Singapore Indian Development Association.